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The North Tower-a 6th year Harry Potter RPG's Journal

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14th October 2003

uber_tonyg6:49pm: *wandering around the halls*
*writing in his journal as he wanders, humming "Waltzing Matilda"*
I've got heaps of homework but I'm not feeling up to swotting tonight. It's been pretty dull around the school. I got sick for the past hogsmead weekend so stayed at the castle. I hope Max doesn't think I was putting on an act. I wonder if he's gotten any new cards.
Haven't seen too much of Bluey either. Miss Ginny has become scarce as hen's teeth around the halls, then again it is her OWL year so she's probably busy. Poor girl.

*sits down in a window seat and stares out at the grounds listlessly*
Current Mood: restless

13th October 2003

comc_student11:35am: Things have certainly been quiet around here. Not much going on--nothing really note-worthy, anyway.

I bought some more Chocolate Frogs at the last Hogsmeade visit. My collection is up to about 750 cards. Most of which are rare or imports, or autographed. They're all in protective sleeves, too. Their value just keeps going up.

I should talk to that Ravenclaw--the Aussie? He seems to have a bunch of nice Australian cards. Perhaps we can meet and trade.

29th September 2003

luna_loony1:41pm: The party in the Ravenclaw Common Room for a while ago was so much fun!! There were a lot of people there from other houses, which is really cool. I saw the Weasley Twins, and a couple of other Gryffindors. Some Hufflepuffs showed up as well.

Tony's really good at throwing a great party. There was lots of fun had! Ginny came over and chatted with me. I suspect sparks between her and Tony. He kept looking at her and her at him. I'm surprised that I noticed.

And the twins kept scowling in his direction.
((ooc: If that's too much of an ad-lib, let me know, and I'll change it. Thanks!!)) It was interesting to watch.

Anyway, I've got homework to do before classes resume this afternoon.

25th September 2003

uber_tonyg10:09pm: *in the Ravie common room (after dinner with Ginny)*
It's almost party time. I hope people show up!

*is to excited to write much else. Double checks to make sure the silencing spells are in place and waits around for people to show up.*
Current Mood: excited

24th September 2003

comc_student8:34pm: I got an invite from Tony Goldstein for a party. I think it'll be a blast. Food provided, I'm there! He's a cool Aussie Guy. We're going to the Card Shoppe in Hogsmeade this weekend. I hope I'll make a few sickles to buy some stuff for the ladies.

*grabs a bit of parchment and sends off his owl to Tony after writing him a quick note*


I'm there. What kind of food? And should I bring anything?


22nd September 2003

uber_tonyg1:00am: *in the great hall*
*finishes up dinner and pulls out some parchment, writes out a couple of owls and then tugs out his journal*

I've decided we blokes and the sheilas need some fun and thought that we should have a bit of a party. I've invited all my housemates of course and select few others. Ginny of course and her brothers so they don't feel slighted. And Max, the bloke with the Wizi cards. Nothing major just a bit of a get together in the Ravie commons. I hope the other Ravies don't mind. I've got quite a few silencing charms up my sleeve if they complain though. I don't think any of them will nark on me, but you never know.

*heads up to the owlry to send off the invitations*
identical owls to all Ravenclaws, the Weasleys, and Max.Collapse )

owl to GinnyCollapse )
Current Mood: excited

21st September 2003

jaded_slyth11:45pm: ::sitting in the courtyard::
::laying out in the sun, bored out of her mind. She sighs, tapping her fingers on the ground beside her::
Current Mood: bored
weasley_fred_3:37pm: ::sitting on his bed::
::scribbling in his journal, sitting cross-legged, watches while George unpacks things from his trunk, then jots down something else, then watches for another moment, then jots something else down, then tosses the book onto George's bed and hops up to unpack his own things::

Unpacking is the hardest thing to do of all. Considering that we were at the WWW all summer, packing and unpacking have been a chore.

Coming back to school isn't so bad, we know most of the kids from last year. Too bad we have to re-take the classes. Dumbledore wouldn't let us just take our NEWTs. I guess he's got a point, we skipped out on a lot of studying. Still sucks, though.

Owen, the day Manager, and Ross, the night manager, are taking good care of the shop for us while we're gone. I'm glad that we hired them on. It's really turning into a lucrative business for us.

Time to unpack.

20th September 2003

luna_loony10:07pm: Dear Diary,

Things have been rather slow lately. My Father is scrounging for articles, since the end of the Grollyhawk sightings. I think they've all gone into hibernation--but my Father says that Grollyhawks don't hibernate.

In any case, I've just been focusing on my studies and getting in some extra reading. Muggle literature is truly fascinating. My Mum used to read me some stories when I was young. Mostly fairy tales and myths. I really do miss her.

*stops writing, closes her book with a sigh, unusually pensive and quiet, sits for a few moments in silence*

11th September 2003

comc_student7:49pm: *sitting out in the courtyard, flipping through his chocolate frog collection, the more rare of the cards in special packages, and some of them even signed (much like baseball cards)... organizing them and deciding which ones to sell next time there's a Hogsmeade weekend*

9th September 2003

luna_loony11:29am: *In the Great Hall*
*after spending a few minutes jotting some thoughts down in her journal, now sits at the Ravenclaw table with a tiny pair of scizzors, trimming the tips of her split ends over her clean plate, determined to get them all done before lunch...*

Classes and homework, not much to do besides study and hang around. Saw Harry Potter, he's got an odd idea of what cloud shapes mean. Although I like him a lot, he's not anything like Ron Weasley. Ron is where it's at.

I spent some time with Ginny. I like her very much. She's got spunk, and funnness and a great attitude. She makes me forget about the troubles of my life and enjoy the moment.

7th September 2003

boy_who_lived_2:56pm: *laying out on the pitch, broom by his side, staring up at the sky and watching the clouds pass by*
uber_tonyg12:50pm: *in the library*
well classes aren't as hard as they were last year. And it's really wonky not to have prefect duties. But kinda nice at the same time too. I was thinking of trying out for the quidditch team again this year. As a beater of course. Mum finds it hilarious that I fly around beating up bludgers. Though at least it's been a while since she called me one.

Ran into Bluey at Diagon Alley. Olz made a fool of me, Ginny ran off and I couldn't find her. So I haven't seen her since. I bo-peeped around for her a bit on the train, but then found my mates and ended up playing wizard chess for most of the train ride. Maybe I'll owl Gin. Though I'm not sure if she even wants to talk to me anymore.

Ah well, back to my potions essay.
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2nd September 2003

luna_loony1:39pm: *in the courtyard*
*sitting on the ground, a transfiguration text open in her lap, leaning against one of the walls, staring off into space*
_vati1:16pm: *in the library*
*sitting at a table by the window, going over today's Transfiguration notes in preparation for next week's exam, looking even more lost than usual, having been too distracted lately by watching Harry to actually pay attention in class*
Current Mood: ditzy

31st August 2003

uber_tonyg9:28am: *in Diagon Alley*
*sitting on a bench waiting for his parents and younger sisters to stop gawking at the scenery. Pulls out his journal and writes*

Well it's time. Mum, Dad, the nippers and I are at Diagon Alley. We actually flew to London by plane. It's a long flight. I'm jack of mum mollycoddling me like I'm some larrikin she can't trust. This is my 6th year at Hogwarts, I could have just come here on my own. Though I am almost clapped out and appreciate the help lugging my things around. I keep telling myself I'll kip a bit on the train but I know I'm going to be talking to everyone instead. Mum's all in a fuss about You-Know-Who Voldemort. She's scared that something will happen since I'm no true-blood wizard. I guess I should be worried. But I'm not. Oy! Olz is coming over with some sort of toy...I hope it's not from the joke shop like last year....
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27th August 2003

padma_lotus2:27pm: *sitting in the, a Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, a nice little café in Diagon Alley. In front of her, she has a large portion of chocololate and raspberry with chopped nuts that still remains untouched and on her knees her big leather journal with the Ravenclaw crest on it, in which she's scribbling furiously.*

Dear Journal,

It's almost time to go back to Hogwarts and I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not. I mean last year wasn't that great especially when that horrible Umbridge woman was there, but I liked the DA and working together with all of the other students from other houses too. I'm not surprised that no Slytherins were part of our group, but I still believe there's hope for some of them. They can't all be downright evil, can they? I mean, they're just teenagres like me, after all.

Anyway, my summer had been nice, albeit a bit boring sometimes. I really wouldn't know what to do without Vati being there, having no siblings must be horrible! A few days ago the rain was pouring down like crazy, but it was okay, I kind of like rain, even though it makes me kind of sad. Right now the sun is shining brightly.

I am looking forward to school starting again, though. I miss all my friends in Ravenclaw, I miss learning new things, hell, somehow I even miss studying. I think 6th year will be nice. I wonder if we will continue with DA? I really hope we do.


*She closes her journal and buries it deep down in her bag, then finally she starts eating up her ice cream, while quietly watching all the people passing by.*
Current Mood: content

26th August 2003

uber_tonyg11:53pm: Well mate...
it's almost time to return to Hogwarts. Mum's been earbashing me about going back to England. I think she's afriad I'm going to become a flaming pommie. Not flaming likely that, I'd rather go troppo. Me and the nippers went out and mucked around for a few hours today. Ashie's becoming a good throw. I spent a couple of deeners on some lollies for them. Dad wasn't wrapped about me spoiling their appetities for tea, but the tykes were peckish by the time mum served anyway. I made them run around a bit before tea and they settled fine. I miss my mates back at Hogwarts though. I've gotten a couple owls over the summer. It's a bit wonky though, leaving Hogwarts for summer and having it be winter here, just to go back and have to do winter all over again in England. I'd kill for a full summer. It's hard too since Olz in kindy this year and Ashie's always swotting about instead of wanting to go muck around. Mum and Dad think I should be more like Ashie. I guess I should swot a bit before I got back to Hogwarts, to keep Snape from chucking a spaz when I go back to potions. I guess I'll go watch some telly before I push up zeds for the night.
hooroo mate!
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jaded_slyth11:47pm: ::in her manor::
gah, I hate parents. 'specially when they're home. usually i'd be out shopping and hanging out but nooo. my parents are home so I'm stuck here. bored. grrrr.
Current Mood: annoyed

25th August 2003

neville_boywiz10:38am: Journal,

why does everything happen to me? I mean, when I was a baby, my parents were tortured which left them permanently insane, leaving me under the care of my Gran. Then, when I was little, I saw my Grandfather die. He was one of the only few that actually had faith in me. Just my luck, right? Then, in June, I went with five other members of the DA to help them save Sirius Black, only to have my [father's] wand and my nose broken (it's still healing), and see Sirius die. and he probably only died because we all went there to save him.

In other news, Gran has just been stricter than ever on me. I've pretty much been locked in the manor taking care of trevor. I really wish I could change the past, but i bet if I had a time-turner, I'd just screw everything else up more. But sometimes, I can't help but wonder what my life would be like if I wasn't raised by my Gran, and my parents hadn't been tortured. It was horrible what they went through. I knew that it was excruciating pain, but I never knew what it felt like until June. I've been crying about it every day since then. It just kills me knowing that they went through all that over and over again.

::trevor jumps on neville's desk and spills ink all over the place::

well, I'd better clean up this mess. more later.


24th August 2003

unebellefleur1:45pm: Cher journal,

I longtemps pour l'excitation dans ma vie mondaine. Peut-être un changement de travail? Mais mon travail courant reallly m'aide à améliorer mon anglais. Je suis davantage que prêt à faire ma partie dans l'ordre, et quand le moment vient, je serai heureux de jaillir dans l'action.

Je suis légèrement fatigué, comme je juste suis venu à la maison du travail, mais pas beaucoup, parce que se reposer dans Gringotts n'exige pas vraiment physiquement. Après que je finisse cette entrée, j'irai prise une douche froide pour se réveiller.

Il n'y a pas vraiment beaucoup à écrire environ, car ma vie n'excite pas exactement. Je me demande comment la facture fait. J'espère que je peux visiter l'Egypte avec lui un jour. l'Egypte serait un beau et mystique endroit, en dépit de son temps chaud et humide. Londres est ainsi... pluvieuse simplement. Bien que j'aime la pluie, trop de lui m'enfonce.

Vôtre Toujours,
Fleur Delacour

((translation))Collapse )
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23rd August 2003

_vati2:22pm: *sitting in a back table in the Leaky Cauldron, ignoring the smoke pouring out of the pipes of the old women sitting at the table next to her, a glistening bottle of untouched butterbeer sitting next to her as she reaches into her bag and pulls open her journal*

Dear journal,

It's been raining straight for two days now. The gloom has settled into my personality. Urgh. I don't understand how people can like the rain. On another note, Hogwarts is starting soon. I haven't seen my schoolmates for.. well... a long time. I miss them all; especially my friends and the DA members. The only joy I felt in my 5th Year were sneaking off at night to the meetings and practicing some skills that might be USEFUL... unlike the rubbish that Umbridge was giving us. Hah, I remember how she got chased out of the castle. The memory still cracks me up. I went out after her with Lavender, cheering and screaming. Lavender... I haven't owled her in a while. I should. Soon. A bit later.

I wonder how Hermione is doing. I've never really thought about her until I joined DA. I mean, to me, she was always the dorm-girl, the one that hung out with Harry. Until recently, I didn't really think of her as a real person. I suppose I should be feeling a bit guilty about that.

Love always,
Current Mood: contemplative

16th August 2003

blue_seeker10:56am: *at the Leaky Cauldron*
*takes a piece of parchment and a quill, starts scribbling out a note, getting it down as fast as she can*

Dear Ced,

A lot has changed since you've been gone. I kissed Harry Potter. I know it was silly, but it felt right at the time.

I've been trying to find a replacement for you, and nothing's worked. No one can live up to the standards you've set for me.

Does this mean I'm doomed? Doomed to wander the Earth alone until I die--and get to be with you again?

Maybe that's something I'm going to have to figure out on my own.

Until next time, I'm sending all my love,

*crumbles up the parchment and tosses it into the fireplace, then leans back in her chair and sighs*

15th August 2003

unebellefleur9:24pm: *sitting outside of a cafe, sipping a double cappuchino, smoking a very thin ciggarette while scribbling down in her journal:*

Cher journal,

La vie en Angleterre est différente de la vie en France. Je suis heureux d'être de retour dans ce pays, et je suis fier de l'appeler ma maison. Je peux combattre pour bon tandis que je suis ici, avec l'Ordre.

Bill et moi datent toujours. Il est occasionnel et ralentit, juste la manière que un bon rapport devrait être. Construit sur une base forte de confiance et de respect mutuels. Bien que, on inquiète souvent me que son intérêt dans moi seulement des voyages jusque ma peau et cheveux. C'est quelle fille obtient pour être veela de partie, je supposent.

Mon travail est incroyablement pénible. Je me souhaite pourrais faire plus avec l'ordre et moins d'"travail"... Ou peut-être je me souhaite pourrais faire quelque chose qui se sent plus productive par exemple avec l'école, les enfants, ou être dehors là et combattre le bon combat.

Pour maintenant, je suis juste forcé de m'asseoir en arrière et la montre tout se produisent. Je suis forcé d'attendre jusqu'à ce que mon moment vienne. Alors j'entreprendrai ma démarche.

Jusque-là, cependant, cher journal, vous êtes mon meilleur compagnon.

Vôtres Toujours,
Fleur Delacour

((translation))Collapse )

6th August 2003

luna_loony11:43pm: owl to HarryCollapse )
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