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*in the great hall*

*finishes up dinner and pulls out some parchment, writes out a couple of owls and then tugs out his journal*

I've decided we blokes and the sheilas need some fun and thought that we should have a bit of a party. I've invited all my housemates of course and select few others. Ginny of course and her brothers so they don't feel slighted. And Max, the bloke with the Wizi cards. Nothing major just a bit of a get together in the Ravie commons. I hope the other Ravies don't mind. I've got quite a few silencing charms up my sleeve if they complain though. I don't think any of them will nark on me, but you never know.

*heads up to the owlry to send off the invitations*

Hey! We need some excitement! Come to the Ravie Commons tomorrow night at 8 for a bit of a party. Bring mates. No Narks. No Slyths. Food provided. All non Ravies knock on the entry to the Ravie commons and I'll let you in.

G'day Ginz. I hope you're having a good wicket. I haven't seen you since the library. We should get together for a yack sometime. I'm throwing a bit of a party tomorrow night and would love it if you came. Bring some mates if you like. I invited your brothers. If you would like to have dinner before the party, I'd like that a lot. Owl me back!
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