Fred Weasley (weasley_fred_) wrote in the_north_tower,
Fred Weasley

::sitting on his bed::

::scribbling in his journal, sitting cross-legged, watches while George unpacks things from his trunk, then jots down something else, then watches for another moment, then jots something else down, then tosses the book onto George's bed and hops up to unpack his own things::

Unpacking is the hardest thing to do of all. Considering that we were at the WWW all summer, packing and unpacking have been a chore.

Coming back to school isn't so bad, we know most of the kids from last year. Too bad we have to re-take the classes. Dumbledore wouldn't let us just take our NEWTs. I guess he's got a point, we skipped out on a lot of studying. Still sucks, though.

Owen, the day Manager, and Ross, the night manager, are taking good care of the shop for us while we're gone. I'm glad that we hired them on. It's really turning into a lucrative business for us.

Time to unpack.
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