Tony Goldstein (uber_tonyg) wrote in the_north_tower,
Tony Goldstein

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*in Diagon Alley*

*sitting on a bench waiting for his parents and younger sisters to stop gawking at the scenery. Pulls out his journal and writes*

Well it's time. Mum, Dad, the nippers and I are at Diagon Alley. We actually flew to London by plane. It's a long flight. I'm jack of mum mollycoddling me like I'm some larrikin she can't trust. This is my 6th year at Hogwarts, I could have just come here on my own. Though I am almost clapped out and appreciate the help lugging my things around. I keep telling myself I'll kip a bit on the train but I know I'm going to be talking to everyone instead. Mum's all in a fuss about You-Know-Who Voldemort. She's scared that something will happen since I'm no true-blood wizard. I guess I should be worried. But I'm not. Oy! Olz is coming over with some sort of toy...I hope it's not from the joke shop like last year....
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