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*in the library*

well classes aren't as hard as they were last year. And it's really wonky not to have prefect duties. But kinda nice at the same time too. I was thinking of trying out for the quidditch team again this year. As a beater of course. Mum finds it hilarious that I fly around beating up bludgers. Though at least it's been a while since she called me one.

Ran into Bluey at Diagon Alley. Olz made a fool of me, Ginny ran off and I couldn't find her. So I haven't seen her since. I bo-peeped around for her a bit on the train, but then found my mates and ended up playing wizard chess for most of the train ride. Maybe I'll owl Gin. Though I'm not sure if she even wants to talk to me anymore.

Ah well, back to my potions essay.
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