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The North Tower-a 6th year Harry Potter RPG
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This is a Harry Potter role playing game that starts almost immediately after the 5th book comes out. That's right, you can read the book, then jump right into a role playing game with whatever new situations the book gives us.

Now what if you choose a character who dies or changes drastically or what not in book five. Don't worry. We will allow you the opportunity to change characters after the book comes out. But until then, get to know each other. Decide who your character is and isn't friends with. Work on relationships but keep in mind that after the book comes out everything can change in an instant.

If you are interested in joining, please email us at The_North_Tower@hotmail.com.


Please include:

--Your name
--The character you're interested in playing
--A brief backstory for your character
--A sample entry (it doesn't have to be very long, just enough for us to get a feel for how you're going to play the character)
--Whether or not you have a journal, and the name of the journal.


--Posts can either be in journal or action form. We don't care, as long as it's in character, and isn't breaking any of the following rules.

1.) DO NOT BE A MARY SUE. If you do not know what a Sue is, ask. If your character is starting to act like a Sue, you will get two warnings before we kick you out. We will not hesitate to do so.

2.) Stay as true to the books as possible, please. Gryffindors should act like Gryffindors, Slytherins like Slytherins, etc. If you are straying too far from canon, we will let you know. If it continues, you will be removed.

3.) DO NOT AD-LIB. Stick to playing with your character and NPCs (non-player characters) only. Don't decide what other characters are doing for them, unless you've already discussed it with the other player. Please use NPCs very, VERY sparingly.

4.) On a similar note, plots MUST be approved by the mods before they can be put into action. This is for the good of the game, and we can help with getting others involved, making it fit with other plots, etc. Just hit one of us up on AIM to talk about it.

5.) This is an adult role playing community, so sex, sexual innuendos, slang, offensive language, violence, and disturbing subject matter may very well be included in the plot, or in people's entries. You've been warned.

5a.) As of now, we're going to remain a no slash community. If we decide that the game can handle slash relationships, then we may change this.

6.) OOC posts are not only welcomed, but recommended if you have plot issues or ideas. For now feel free to make OOC posts on the main board until an OOC community is created.

7.) Oustide of LJ role playing is not only welcomed, but recommended. AIM is a great medium, and we STRONGLY advise that you have it. Go on, IM each other, and then post what you come up with!

8.) We expect The_North_Tower to remain a POSITIVE role playing atmosphere. We want players to be nice--civil at the VERY LEAST, and characters to interact with each other. If we find that you are not responding to others, or are behaving in an inappropriate manner, you will be removed from the game.

9.) All else goes. Please e-mail us at The_North_Tower@hotmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Taken Characters as of 8/23/03


--Seamus Finnigan =shamrocked (AIM - Irish Magnetism)
--Hermione Granger = gryffin_witch (AIM - gryffin witch HG)
--Neville Longbottom = neville_boywiz
--Parvati Patil = _vati (AIM - parvatixpatilx)
--Harry Potter=boy_who_lived_ (AIM - gryffinxseeker)
--Dean Thomas=gryffin_thomas (AIM - Gryffindor Art)
--Ron Weasley = chessmaster (AIM - Weasley number 6)
--Ginny Weasley = _gingersnap



--Cho Chang= blue_seeker (AIM - jealousofhome)
--Anthony Goldstein =uber_tonyg (AIM - ubertonyg)
--Padma Patil=padma_lotus (AIM - Transfigure Me)


--Fleur Delacour =unebellefleur
--Jade Dorny = jaded_slyth
--Blaise Zabini=truly_blaise (AIM - Slytherin Satin)

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